Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Delca Systems Traffic Engineering knowledge encompasses a wide spectrum of sub-disciplines ranging from Micro Traffic Impact Assessments, through to CBD Studies. Increasingly, many of our projects involves working with specialist town planners, urban designers and environmental practitioners.

Traffic engineering refers to the use of engineering techniques to achieve safe and efficient movement of goods and people. Traffic engineering encompasses traffic impact studies, traffic access management, parking studies and traffic signals.

In respect of the current legislation, building development and zoning requires a Traffic Impact Assessment, the extent and detail varying according to the impact of the project.

The services covered in this discipline include:

  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Site Traffic Assessment
  • Parking Studies
  • Accidents and Road Safety
  • Traffic Calming and Management
  • Specialist Research

Delca Systems has conducted numerous traffic impact assessments for developers and architects. We are familiar with the standards and requirements prescribed by the various authorities. While conducting the traffic impact study, we adhere to the standards and guidelines recommended by the national, provincial and local municipalities. This ensures a quick approval process, thereby liming delay to the development and the cost
implication to the developer.

A traffic impact study is generally used to:

  • Assess impact of traffic due to new development (or re-development)
  • Support comprehensive plan amendments
  • Support rezoning applications
  • Support subdivision of land applications
  • Obtain site plan approvals
  • As a part of environmental impact assessment
  • Prepare traffic mitigation plans
  • Determine developer /bulk contribution
  • Determine cost apporonment
  • Development access/egress and on-site circulation plans

Traffic Impact Studies

  • A traffic impact study is one of the Traffic Engineering services offered by Delca Systems.
  • A traffic impact study is a study which assesses the effect that a particular development has on the transportation network.
  • A traffic impact study is generally required by roads authorities to evaluate the impact of a change in land use
  • These studies are a part of the mandatory process to be followed by an applicant to obtain new land use rights the current and proposed land use and the location of the development. Various traffic engineering concepts and principles are applied while conducting a traffic impact assessment

Delca Systems conduct traffic impact study for various developments comprising of the following

  • Residential
  • Business
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Offices
  • Filling Stations
  • Mixed Use Developments and Also Transit Oriented Developments.

There are several steps within a Traffic Impact Study, including trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice and assignment, which are then followed by capacity analyses and the identification of possible road upgrades. Specific assistance is given to identify road upgrades, to ensure that a realistic first order road upgrade costing is provided which takes into account physical site limitations that might have an impact on the final road upgrades to be recommended.

Traffic Management

Traffic management refers to the control and regulation of accesses to intersections, interchanges, driveways and median openings. The primary objective is to enable access to the properties while maintaining road safety and protecting mobility by controlling the location, spacing, design and operation. Some of the principles of access management are to limit direct access to major arterial roads, favour through movement of traffic along corridors and reduce the number of conflict points.

Delca Systems Pty Ltd offers several parking related services. For private developers, there are several types of parking studies that can be conducted. This includes determining the demand for parking and understanding the utilization of an existing parking garage or facility.

Delca System Pty Ltd services also include developing a conceptual design of parking lots and motivating parking relaxation in mixed use developments.

Our parking services to municipalities typically include developing parking strategies to manage demand (Travel Demand Management) or developing a parking policy. In addition, implementation of parking guidance signs.

Site Traffic Assessment

  • Site Traffic Assessment form part of Building plan Submission by Architect that addresses the following:-
  • Access Location dimensions,
  • Access width at road edge
  • Access scoop/long sectionHeavy Vehicle Access/ Driveway
  • Ramps Parking and Loading

The STA is undertaken in terms of the Committee of Transport Officials (“COTO”) “South African Traffic Impact and Site Traffic Assessment” (TMH 16 Volume 2) manual. The manual provides the standards and requirements that apply to the assessment of impacts and proposed transportation facilities for a site.

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